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Q: Why is it called 'C SHARK' ?  

A: It’s quite simple really, we wanted to mash up the name of our business to our partners C-Tech in New Zealand and the razor sharp teeth of a shark. 

Q: Why use Carbon and Titanium? 

A: Right from the start we wanted to use solid titanium due to its advantages over stainless steel. It will resist corrosion and has a razor-sharp edge (corrosion is the biggest issue with other knives on the market). Titanium doesn't react with carbon in salt water so the two materials work well in close contact. When C-Tech offered to bring their carbon expertise to the project to create the complete safety knife, we jumped at the chance!

Q: What can it cut? 

A: The durable titanium blade design uses a V cutting area which cuts aramid fibres. We have worked extremely hard with specific blade angles to dramatically increase its durability when cutting dyneema (the world’s strongest man-made fibre). During intensive research, development and testing the knife consistently cut 6mm dyneema with no failure evern after extended testing.
The knife has also been vigorously tested on webbing and it cuts this material effectively.
There are however limits, cutting dyneema that isn't under tension and above 3mm is very hard for any knife. It requires the user to work the blade round the rope as you cut. Also while the knife is extremely strong it isn't designed to cut wire. 

Q: How best to store it on your person while sailing? 

A: The possibilities are endless! However, we recommend either the front pocket of a PFD or a single stich though the handle attaching it to a trapeze harness (video to follow demonstrating this idea).