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Welcome to C Shark Online

One product, one idea. 

It might seem simple, but we feel the C Shark knife had to be made. Right now there are lots of options for affordable basic safety knives on the market and we have used all of the common examples over 15 years of skiff sailing. Unfortunately we have found than none of them last. It's so annoying time after time to find that the essential cutting blade has either rusted or dulled. A number of knives on the market are even listed as single use! 

Working with one of the world’s top carbon fibre specialists (C-tech), we specced up a back-cut safety knife that would be a world leader. Using the very best materials possible, the design is both ultra lightweight and extremely resistant to corrosion. 

The idea is simple, we want this knife to work, when you need it. 


Dream Bigger

While it’s nice to focus on one product this is really just the start. Work has already started on new safety products we can bring to sailors, and we will keep you updated on this site with all of the information at the right time.